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Infused Consulting offers strategic partnering in Organisational Development to deliver transformational change and ongoing performance. Taking an integrated and relational approach we work with leaders and teams to deliver on-going and lasting change.

Director Mandy Bromley has over 20 years global experience in senior Leadership & Organisational Development roles in multi-nationals; enhanced by Master’s in both Organisational Consulting and in Psychological Coaching. She also has a Doctorate in Business Administration where her research was on the boundaries between teams.

Working with experienced associates Infused Consulting is able to support your Organisational Development agenda with deep expertise in three core areas:

  • Culture Change
  • Teams
  • Diversity

All of which can be underpinned by individual & team coaching and psychometrics as appropriate.

Why Work With Us?

  • We are relational and believe that solutions are best co-created where we work with you in the unique context of your organisation
  • We are outcome focused and understand that you need a result not just someone analysis the problem. We can work with you through all stages from diagnostic, to design and implementation.
  • We take a systemic approach seeking to understand the issue in its broader context


In today's increasingly volatile world change is a constant. But too often change initiatives fail to achieve results. We work with organisations and change teams to establish the conditions for success, which pays attention not just to what we are doing with the change but how we are approaching it.

Through both consultation and workshops we help the leaders / the change team think about how to take people with them, truly understanding ‘so what does it mean for me’ and how the change team can notice the ‘weak signals’ that enable them to pay attention to what is really going on and how they can flex and adapt to changing situations without losing sight of their goal. We do this by helping change leaders to:

  • Clarifying and articulating the intent of their change.
    What really are the differences you are trying to achieve?
  • Creating the conditions for success
    How do you bring the change to life; helping people make meaning of what is happening and why; co-creating solutions to bring the broadest possible engagement to the project?
  • Effective Implementation
    What do you need to do to minimize disruption? Business as usual and change need to co-exist. How do you implement change without losing sight of on-going business?
  • Feedback and mid-course correction
    How do you notice when things aren't going to plan or that the context has changed and adjust accordingly?


How do you get the best from your teams so that you are leveraging more than their individual strengths? How can your talented individuals become an outstanding team? Teams today are challenged like never before; pressured, working with fast paced change, often virtually, where the dynamics are constantly changing. We have deep expertise working across and between team to help maximize effectiveness and collaboration, addressing issues around purpose, clarity of roles and responsibilities, trust and conflict.

We work in four core areas of team development:

Team Formation

How do you set up the conditions for success for an effective team?
How do you establish their ways of working and accelerate their ability to work collaboratively together to deliver results?

Getting the best out of an existing team

How can you sharpen an existing team to a really high performing one?
How do you respond to the changing dynamics of new objectives or team members to strengthen output?

Working with teams where they are stuck

Too often teams get stuck and can’t break out of their on-going patterns of behaviour, either through lack of direction, conflict or lack of trust. We work with the team dynamics to help establish more productive ways of working.

The relationship of the boundary or interface between teams and organisations

In today’s world of matrixed organisations, teams need to collaborate with other teams – but often value is lost at the interface where they get stuck with conflicting objectives, poor communication and unclear decision points. We help teams become stronger together.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that there is an untapped potential of people in under-represented groups in many organisations. We help companies and their people discover, awaken and leverage this potential to improve both their own and organisational performance.

We do this with a suite of interventions:

  • At an individual level we believe that people perform at their best where they are confident and in control of their career development. Our programme is designed to build confidence at an emotional, physical and intellectual level. Not by 'fixing' the individual but rather by helping them flourish through understanding their strength, style and overcoming their self-limiting beliefs.
  • At a team level we help teams become more inclusive, exploring such issues as, in groups and out groups, unconscious bias and micro inequities.  When leaders tell us "I get it!  Now, what do I need to do?" we can support leaders to take the steps to strengthen their inclusive leadership capability'
  • At an organisational level, we work with Boards to clarify the business case and equip them to lead the change.  We work with you to refine organisation processes like talent reviews, talent acquisition and succession planning to level the playing field for underrepresented groups.

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